Emma Kate: Month 7

We are now officially on the downside of the hill headed towards having a one year old! Emma Kate turned seven months old on Friday.

unnamed (27)

She also learned that she can smear mommy’s chalkboard. Oy. unnamed (28)

Oh, where to begin, where to begin. With the warmer weather, Emma Kate and I have been getting out and about a lot more than we did this winter. Her schedule is more predictable so it’s a lot easier to go and do things without the fear of the flu and you know, ebola and stuff. We meet a friend and her baby for a walk in the park almost every week, and we spend time outside on the back patio when the weather is nice. Her teachers at Mother’s Day Out tell me she loves watching the big kids play on the playground. I love that she enjoys being outside like her mommy! I keep telling her to enjoy it while it lasts, because soon it will be too hot to be outside. Sad times.

unnamed (26)

Baby girl weighs over 19 pounds, and is getting so long. Her legs in particular are super long. I already feel sorry for the poor girl when she is a tween and hits her growth spurt. She’s going to look like an ostrich like I did at age 12. She doesn’t have any new teeth, still just the two bottoms ones.

Emma Kate Loves:

-Being outside

-grabbing people’s faces and hair

-fake coughing when you cough

-pulling bows out of her hair (sad mommy)

-watching Bella

-sitting up like a big girl

-riding in her stroller

-being carried everywhere

-swinging on the swings at the park

unnamed (30)

Emma Kate does not like:


-being put down

-when she can’t reach a toy

-being woken up from a nap

-changing clothes/putting her arms in a shirt

unnamed (29)

A big milestone was hit this month, EK can now officially sit up on her own! She still occasionally falls over when she tries tor each for something, but it’s nice being able to just sit her up on the rug with toys all around her and let her play. She loves her new Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker from Grammy and Grandpa. She sits in front of it and plays with all of the toys on it and will hopefully one day walk behind it!

unnamed (7)

She still isn’t a big fan of rolling over, but will do it occasionally. She wants to crawl SO badly. She as the legs down. She kicks and moves them, and even lifts her butt and legs off the ground, but hasn’t figured out the arm thing yet or how to go up on her hands. Here is her best attempt at downward dog:

unnamed (31)

She can also “stand” and lock her legs out with assistance and put her weight on them.

unnamed (32)

This is what happens when we don’t brush her hair after a bath. It’s wild!

She is still doing well at mother’s day out, and doesn’t cry when I leave. She will let anyone hold her as long as they are giving her attention. Of course.

unnamed (33)

Sleep at night is going very well. She is back to sleeping through the night and in her crib. She sleeps 11-12 hours and it is glorious. However, if doesn’t matter if she goes to bed at 6 or 7, she will still wake up at 6:00. Naps could use some work. She is finally accepting the crib and will fall asleep on her own, but most naps are 30-40 minutes. Once or twice a week she will sleep over an hour but that is a rarity.

unnamed (24)

Homegirl definitely has a very strong personality and quite the little temper. The time in between her last nap and bedtime is usually a whiny fussy struggle (her not me, I promise!) As she constantly wants, I’m not really sure what, because I get this face no matter what I do:

unnamed (25)

We have baby dedication at church on May 17th, so that will be interesting. Please, please don’t be the baby that screams bloody murder or vomits on stage. I may die.

unnamed (15)

We took EK’s 6 month pictures two weeks ago and I cannot wait to get the proofs back. It was quite entertaining jumping up and down and making noises trying to get her to smile and laugh. She was a trooper and only face planted in the dirt twice.

unnamed (9)

We are doing well with solid food, I give her some usually twice a day. We are on stage two foods, and she hasn’t really gotten the hang of feeding herself but I know we will get there eventually. She eats about 31/32 ounces of formula a day plus the solid food.

We are still in size 3 diapers, but all 6 month clothes have been packed away. She is in 9 month stuff, and we are moving up to 12 month footed sleepers because she is just so long. It’s sad to look at her tiny clothes and think she used to be that small, but at the same time I am loving this stage way more than the newborn stage!

QOTD: Did you get professional pictures made of your kids/babies? Did you have a hard time packing away baby clothes?

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