Run Like a Princess


It has finally been revealed! The new 5th anniversary runDisney Princess half marathon medal is bbbeeaauutttiifffuuulll!


(Photo from Facebook Disney page)

For those new to runDisney, they tend to bling out anniversary medals, and this coming year will be the 5th year of the Princess half. (You can check out my race recap from last year and of the Royal Family 5k) It includes 5 pink jewels and some awesome sparkle. I must have it!

But wait, there was more good news released by runDisney yesterday, a sweepstakes involving the Princess half, presented by Lady Foot Locker. All you have to do is go to for your chance to win instantly some cool runDisney prizes like gear, or even free race entries or pasta party and race retreat tickets!

2012-02-26 09.50.27

After last year’s Disney Princess half marathon

But, the grand prize (and I mean GRAND PRIZE) is amazing. If you win, you and three friends can have THIS:

  • Race entry into Disney’s Princess Half Marathon, Disney Royal Family 5K, or runDisney Kids’ Races
  • Pasta in the Park Party at Epcot at the Princess Half Marathon Weekend
  • Platinum level ChEAR Squad/Race Retreat at the Princess Half Marathon
  • Meet & Greet with Olympian and runDisney Training Consultant Jeff Galloway
  • Round trip airfare
  • $800 worth of Disney Dining Gift Cards
  • 3-Day Magic Your Way Theme Park Ticket
  • 2-Night stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • And the ultimate royal retreat the evening after the race… one night in the Cinderella Castle Suite at Magic Kingdom Park

Spend the night in Cinderella castle in the CASTLE SUITE?!?! Amazing, amazing prize, well done runDisney and Lady Foot Locker! The best news is you can enter every day until the sweepstakes is over in November, so you have plenty of opportunities to instantly win or win the grand prize! I know it’s tempting to see if you win an entry into the race, but be careful it’s filling up quickly so make sure you register! Then go to and enter to win great prizes!

QOTD: If you were told you got to stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite, what would be the first thing you did when you got in the suite?

Tower of Terror Ten Miler


More than 10,000 runners dropped in for scary good nighttime race themed around iconic haunted hotel! Yes, I’m talking about the runDisney Tower of Terror ten miler!


Juan Morales of Huntington Beach, Calif., won the inaugural Tower of terror race in a time of 58:00. The female winner,  Kimberly Mueller of San Diego, finished with a time of 1:04:50. Speedy!

This nighttime race course wound through ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, then through Hollywood Studios, and towards the Tower of Terror ride itself. Temps were hot and humid, but that didn’t seem to stop the fun!


Finishers received a commemorative medal, fashioned after the attraction itself, and then partied the night away at the Disney Villains Hollywood Bash post-race party with family and friends. There was live music, character meets, as well as access to rides like The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Star Tours and Toy Story Mania.


The weekend also included a 5k fun run as well as kids races prior to the ten mile event. There was also a health and fitness expo at the Wide World of Sports complex.


I hate that I had to miss this fun event, and I hope to get to run it next year! The bling is awesome, and it looks like so much fun. Plus, costumes? Hello! Love it! Congrats to everyone who ran, and I hope you had an amazing time! You can check our the results on the runDisney page.

QOTD: Have you ever run a night race? or a race in costume? Tell me about it!

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September Look Back: Wine and Dine Half


Did you know it’s less than three months until Christmas? Don’t panic! We still have to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I just wanted to throw that in there. It’s my favorite. I started thinking about last Christmas, which got me thinking about the past in general and what I was doing last year. If you have been reading RWS for awhile you know every now and then I like to look back and see what I was doing a year ago. I think it’s so important to look back and reflect, it’s the best way to learn from experience, and be thankful for all the blessings we have!

So, end of September 2011, I had just gotten back from my Disney vacation, and was heading BACK to Disney to work the runDisney Wine and Dine half marathon expo for Running Skirts and run the 5k and the half marathon. I had a really bad head cold, and it is probably the most exhausted I have been in my entire life, but also so much fun!


We set up the expo Thursday, worked all day Friday, then Saturday morning I was up at 4:45 for the 5k. After the 5k it was time for a quick shower and then back to the expo to work all day, then take down the booth, and pack all the skirts up. I had time to grab a quick bite for dinner, and then it was time to head to the busses for the race. I almost fell asleep on the bus on the way to the race and wondered what the HECK I was doing out here, by myself, trying to do all this. I ended up having a blast running and at the after party, and finally fell into bed after being awake for over 24 hours, running 2 races and working for 3 days while sick. It was crazy looking back on it.

I can’t wait to run Wine and Dine this year with Bobby and watch him get his coast to coast medal!


I went on to run another half marathon the next weekend, and then another one after that (which led to a stress fracture). Such a whirlwind, exhausting, but awesome race weekend in Disney World! As I look back, I realize I grew up a lot during that time. It was my first time being in charge of the booth at an expo, my first time flying to Disney and staying there by myself, I even walked around the parks by myself. It was a lot more fun being solo in Disney than I thought it would be, and I also have some great memories to look back on.

QOTD: What is something fun you were doing this time last year?

Disneyland Day 2 Part 1


*Today is the last day for early registration for the runDisney Princess half marathon! Hurry and save, it’s already 60% full! 

I left off my last Disneyland post with dinner and dessert before hitting the hay the night before the half marathon. Since I have already posted my race recap, I will skip to after we walked back to the room and showered. It was time to hit Disney’s California Adventure!  Of course, we wore our medals proudly.



We immediately headed to Cars Land so I could take some pictures.









It was so weird having just run through here that morning, when it was dark and quiet. Definitely not quiet now! Radiator Springs Racers was temporarily shut down, and so we headed over to Toy Story Mania.





I found it quite odd that they don’t have fastpasses for this ride. It is Bobby’s favorite though, so we stood in the 35 minute standby line (which was closer to 50 minutes) and waited in the heat. We had a blast on the ride though, and talked to a lot of people in line about runDisney who were asking about the race and my coast to coast medal.

At the end of the ride you have to go up some stairs to get out and my legs were not happy about that. I did like this cute little display though


We pretty much walked onto the Little Mermaid ride which I thought was really well done. (Photo is of Ariel’s Grotto restaurant not the Ariel ride)


We both realized how hungry we were and headed to Taste Pilot’s for lunch. it was crowded, but luckily a table opened up just as were were looking for one.



One thing I will say that drove me crazy would be the people wanting your table and eyeing it up before you are done. We were half way through our meal and a lady came up and asked if when we were done if she could have our table…uh…sure…ok…we kept eating for another ten minutes as people looked at us hurrying us up. We then had someone else come and ask the same thing and we had to tell them our table was already “taken”. So then, we were finally done and ready to go, and some other lady dives toward our table as the woman who had been hovering for ten minutes sits down. The diving lady’s husband starts fussing because they had wanted our table, it was INSANE. Definitely wasn’t a very “Disney”moment and left a bad taste in my mouth.

Before lunch we had gotten fastpasses for Grizzy River Run, so we headed over there next. We knew we would get wet so we planned it as our last thing to do before heading to our room. So glad I planned it that way!



We only had to wait a couple of minutes before boarding our raft and plummeting down the drop….and getting soaking wet. Luckily, the entrance to our hotel is ride by the ride so we didn’t have to go far in our squishy shoes to get back to the room. A nap was definitely in order before heading back out to the parks that night.

I will continue day two with my next Disneyland post, so stay tuned.

QOTD: After a race do you take a nap or try to stay moving so you don’t get stiff?

Disneyland Half Marathon Race Recap


Back many months ago when my husband gave me the very surprising green light to register us for the Disneyland half marathon, it seemed so far away. Then, it somehow managed to sneak up on me, and at a very inopportune time. If you have been following my blog for awhile you know I have been plagued with injuries (3 major ones) and one of those three managed to pop up the second week of July, a short seven weeks before the Disneyland half. I was in a walking boot for weeks, went to the doctor for x-rays and got a cortisone shot which sidelined me for another week. I had one double digit run before the half and honestly wasn’t expecting much out of this race as far as feeling good or times are concerned. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised! Read on!

My alarm went off at 3:50 Sunday morning, and I jumped out of bed. Normally I am groggy and tired, but I think my body was still on central time and thought it was 5:50 so it wasn’t as hard to wake up.


Don’t I look wide awake? Ha! This race continues my amazing streak of my inability to put my bib on straight. Fail.


One of the nice things about staying at an onsite hotel for the Disneyland half was the proximity to the start and finish line. We didn’t leave our room until 5:00 and didn’t have to get on a bus or stand out in the elements for hours. The walk was short and it was “cool’ outside but not cold. We walked around the family reunion area for a minute, and everyone else was heading to the corrals so the bathroom lines were short.

photo (2)

I had been texting Crystal since I left my room, and for some reason my texts were not going through half the time and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to see her, but finally my text went through and we spotted each other near the corrals. (If you will remember I stayed with Crystal last summer when I went to California for work)


After chatting for a second but then realizing race time was approaching, we said goodbye and followed the signs and headed to Corral B, which was totally full, so we just chilled on the outside until Corral A moved up and we were able to fill in at the very back of the corral.

photo (3)

We were only in our corral about five minutes when the race started. The amazing Carissa did any awesome job of announcing during the race, and I was SO excited to get THREE shout outs before the race over the mic and one as I was crossing the finish. Thanks Carissa! I got several tweets from pople who said they heard “Heather from Running With Sass” shouted out over the loud speakers. Way cool.

I was a bit bummed there were no fireworks as the race started, but was still excited to get going!

photo (4)

I see the start wwwaayyyy up there. Bobby and I tried to take a photo but he hates the flash and this is what happened five times. No lie.

photo (5)

So I turned the flash off and this is as bright as I could get it.

photo (6)

It was quickly time for the brave corral B!

photo (7)

The beginning of the race is always mentally tough for me. I think about how far I have to go, and how we JUST started. I was worried about my foot and my endurance having only run about 4-5 times in a total of seven weeks before the race. We were very conservative at the start just to be safe. Before I knew it, we were in Disney’s California Adventure park. There was a sign that said “mile two” and had an arrow pointing right, and “mile 12” with an arrow pointing left. I remember thinking “I can’t wait until I pass this sign again and am on the mile 12 side!” At the time, it seemed like forever away.

photo (14)

I quickly realized taking photos while running in the dark was making them blurry, so I had to stop running every time I wanted to take a picture (time sucks number one) but I wasn’t worried, my goal was to finish upright and with a smile on my face. Bobby had to go to the bathroom, so we stopped and I decided to walk on up ahead a bit and I saw Paradise Pier and the World of Color fountains were on! It was beautiful, the photos don’t do it justice. We stood in line for a photo that a sweet cast member took for us.

photo (10)

photo (11)

photo (12)

We got back to running, and soon turned into Cars Land. This part of the race was neat for us because we had yet to visit this park, so it was literally my first time here. All the neon lights were lit up and it looked really cool.

photo (13)

some of these may be out of order, if they are, I apologize!

photo (15)

So we left California Adventure Park and were quickly ushered into Disneyland! Before I knew it, we were on Main Street. While it was super fun and cool to run towards the castle, I didn’t have the same feeling as I do running down Main Street in WDW. There were hardly any people on the street cheering. I am used to tons and tons of fans lining the street screaming all the way down the street and it wasn’t the case here. Slightly bummed.

photo (16)

photo (17)

We turned right into Tomorrowland and wrapped around into Fantasyland

photo (22)

Hi Bobby!

photo (23)

We passed the Matterhorn

photo (24)

The carousal (which Peter Pam and Wendy were riding!)

photo (18)

We then saw these guys and jumped in line for a picture

photo (19)

photo (20)

Back of the castle before we ran though. Before heading to ToonTown, we saw this lovely lady:

photo (25)

photo (26)

photo (9)

Going through the parks flew by, and after a bathroom break for me in Disneyland, we were out on the road. Crap. I looked at my Garmin at some point, and realized we were somewhere around mile 4. So we were out of the “fun part” but still had about nine miles to go. Not only that, but the sun was rising and we were running RIGHT into it. I was so glad we remembered to grab our sunglasses before we left the hotel!

To Disney’s credit, they did try to entertain us along the way with dancers

photo (8)

bands, cheerleaders,

photo (27)

and lot of antique cars. (Loved the mountains in the back on this one!)

photo (28)

We settled into a groove, and the my foot started to slightly irritate me. Crap. I tried not to think about it, and was so happy when we soon saw a medical tent. I downed two tylenol (I had already taken two before I left the hotel room) and went for a little cup of biofreeze and the lady behind the table yells “DON’T EAT IT!!” It scared the crap out of me, and I told her I wasn’t, that I was going to put it on my IT bands, and she said they had just had a guy come through thinking it was GU and tried to swallow it! I die.

We were sure to take water and sports drink at every stop, even if just a couple sips. I took three and a half GU’s during the race, and actually felt like for the first time I fueled myself really really well. We made a turn onto a path with a large canal/ditch to our left, and there was some dirt next to the path. I decided to run on the dirt and it helped my foot some.

photo (29)

I saw the sign for Angels stadium in the distance (in the photo above) and knew we were close. Honestly, I really didn’t care much about running in the stadium, the only good thing about it in my mind was that it may be a distraction from the boredom of road running. I was WAY wrong. This ended up being my favorite part of the race. Keep reading!

photo (30)

As we approached the stadium, there were boy and girl scouts lining the road outside, reading the names on our bibs and yelling for us. There is just something about someone cheering your actual name that gives a boost!

photo (31)

As we got closer, I heard a deafening roar coming from the stadium. That couldn’t be PEOPLE cheering could it? Oh but it was! We rounded the corner and saw a ton of people up in the stands cheering, screaming, on their feet jumping up and down. More boy/girl scouts giving us high fives, yelling our names. It was awesome. Check out this video Bobby took, but it really doesn’t do it justice.

photo (32)

I left the stadium feeling rejuvenated and ready to finish strong. A couple miles later, I looked at my watch to do some math for the first time and realized we were doing SO much better than I anticipated! Two bathroom stops, character and photo stops, and we were only a few minutes off my PR. SERIOUSLY?!? We kept trucking, I was feeling pretty good about myself, and then I knew we were getting close when I saw California Adventure way in the distance.

photo (33)

Soon enough, we were passing that mile 2/mile 12 sign, on the mile 12 side! This made me grin, and I knew I could make it another mile. We picked up the pace and I felt really good. It was hard, but a good hard. I could hear the cheers from the finish line, and knew we were close. I tried to soak it all in, I was about to finish my 13th half, and get my coast to coast medal. I felt so grateful that I was even able to be out there running, and I had a huge smile on my face.

photo (34)

I saw mile thirteen and definitely enjoyed the moment of the last tenth of a mile into the finish. I started saying “coast to coast, coast to coast, coast to coast” out loud which Bobby thought was pretty humorous.

photo (35)

I grabbed Bobby’s hand as Carissa announced me once again over the speakers, and we crossed the finish line together, arms in the air in triumph. We ended up at 2:26, I was in shock! We stopped for at least ten minutes between photos and bathroom stops, and I wasn’t running my guts out for sure. To be 11 minutes slower than my PR after five weeks of no running and one double digit training run is pretty awesome in my book. Way better than anticipated at this point, and I couldn’t be more proud of this race. I truly enjoyed myself and finished strong and happy.

All I wanted was my coast to coast medal, so I got my Disneyland medal, found the coast to coast line, and got my coveted bling.

photo (36)

photo (37)

After we walked through the finishers area I ran into Cindy and Christy, which is when I found out Cindy WON the women’s race in 1:24! Christy did amazing as well getting 10th for the women.

photo (39)

We headed over to the VIP/ChEAR squad tent for some rest and refreshments

photo (45)

photo (38)

photo (40)

view of finish from ChEAR aquad area

photo (43)

We caught up with Jeff Galloway in the tent and he remembered me from the photos we took with him at the Grand Floridian during the Princess half. We chatted for a few minutes and I introduced him to Bobby

photo (46)

photo (47)

I also caught up with Jenn again who ran a great race!

photo (41)

Thanks Mickey!

photo (44)

We walked back to the hotel room and showered and headed to the parks. Hearing my medals clink around my neck was such a beautiful sound, and I was so proud.


Overall, I really enjoyed this race and would do it again in a heartbeat. The proximity of hotel to race was awesome, the weather was awesome, I hardly sweat until the end (and VERY low humidity!), and running through the parks was a lot of fun. I did miss the fanfare of Main street in WDW, but there were other great parts that made up for it. The organization was great just like all runDisney races, and I would love to get to run Tinkerbell someday! If you are on the fence about this race next year, consider this your push (nicely) to the other side.

Want more info on runDisney or going on any Disney vacation? e mail me at

QOTD: Ever done much better in a race than expected?

We’re Not in SoCal Anymore: Weekly Recap


I can’t believe the Disneyland half marathon was a week ago! (Don’t worry my recap including videos and photos will be up tomorrow). We so enjoyed our time in California, and one of the best things was the weather. It was interesting, because I checked the weather before we left, and said it would be 90 most of the week. This greatly concerned me because I know what 90 feels like here on the gulf coast, and I can now say with certainty….SoCal 90 is WAY better than our 90! There was very low humidity so I didn’t feel like I was swimming, and while I certainly felt hot in the parks, I wasn’t pouring sweat or feeling like death. I barely sweat during the race. It was awesome.

We were even able to eat lunch outside on two occasions. LUNCH! As in the middle of the day. This is unheard of this time of year in the south. Also, the lack of bugs was noted. No mosquitos, flies, or gnats while we were there. We got home to love bugs literally attacking out house.


I tell no lies.

I did however had a good surprise when I got home, a box from Chobani was at my door step. Heck, yes. This morning for breakfast I was so excited I didn’t know what to eat! I settled on apple cinnamon, highly recommended.


Yesterday, Bobby and I went for our first post race run. We left at 9:45 to do three miles, and I underestimated how difficult three could be in the heat/sun/humidity. I quickly reminded Bobby (we are NOT in SoCal anymore! This sucks!) It is the closest I have come to passing out from the heat in awhile (nausea, headache, etc). TOTALLY my fault, I should have paid attention to the weather and gotten out there sooner. It was quite the rude awakening after a wonderful week in California.


My face stayed this red for about two hours. Embarrassing.

Ok, so on to the recap:

Sunday: Disneyland half marathon (don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a recap!)

Monday: rest

Tuesday: walked the parks all day

Wednesday: walked the parks all day

Thursday: rest/travel

Friday: strength training (Best Body Bootcamp)

Saturday: 3 mile run


total miles run: 16

total miles walked: A LOT in the parks!

strength work: one day

Meh. Back to it this week.

QOTD: How long do you take off/to rest after a race? If you don’t run, how many days a week do you rest from any kind of fitness?

A runDisney Sell Out


Ok guys I have good news and bad news. Let’s get the bad out of the way shall we. The runDisney Walt Disney World 20th anniversary marathon is officially SOLD OUT.


Moving on quickly to the good news so no one panics….there are STILL ways to get signed up, so don’t worry! This was one of the fastest sellouts in history, less than five months! Check out the rest of the press release:


More than 25,000 runners have registered for the Jan. 10-13 weekend event, ensuring this will be the largest Disney marathon field ever, surpassing the 23,000 runners who ran in the 2010 Disney Marathon.


Runners from around the country and beyond have been undoubtedly drawn to the event because of several unique features tied to the 20th anniversary, such as new course twists (the route goes through the Walt Disney World Speedway and ChampionStadium), the new Mickey Mouse medal, the post-race party at Downtown Disney and the chance to run with several celebrities who have registered to run.


Runners still have a few opportunities to run in the Disney Marathon through the Runner’s World Challenge or by registering through a group or charity. The Runner’s World Challenge package, for instance, includes several exclusive features such as training advice from Runner’s World editors, race registration and other VIP amenities.  Interested runners can sign up at or, as well as for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon and Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge, which involves running the half marathon and the marathon on consecutive days.


The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna will feature events for the entire family such as Kids’ Races throughout the weekend, including the Mickey Mile, a Family Fun Run 5K on Friday, the Half Marathon on Saturday and theMarathon on Sunday. The Health and Fitness Expo runs throughout the weekend at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and features the latest in running technology and fashion, as well as renowned running experts like Jeff Galloway, the official training consultant for runDisney.



So, while regular registration is closed, you can still sign up with a charity group or through the Runner’s World challenge, but act fast, I don’t expect even these spots to last a lot longer!

*Also, as of the evening of September 7, the half marathon was 98% full, Goofy was 97% full, and the family fun run 5k was 60% full, so don’t delay on those either!

QOTD: Ok so who is signed up for marathon weekend? Anyone still wanting to sign up?

runDisney Half Marathon 2010

So here is my race recap for my very first half marathon! It was QUITE the experience!

We got to Disneyworld Thursday afternoon, checked into the Polynesian and Friday me, my husband bobby and best friend Jen went to the disney expo! I was so excited to buy stuff, and meet the running skirts girls!

we picked up our race packets, shirts, and goodie bags, it was all very smooth. then we shopped!

I pretty much headed straight to the running skirts booth and the twins were SO SWEET! I enjoyed getting to chat with them and hope to see them at the Mardi Gras Rock n roll 1/2!!

we wandered around a bit and bought some more stuff and then headed out

me and Bobby in front of the expo

we ate a HUGE dinner and attempted to go to bed early..but it just didn’t happen. we woke up at 3 AM on RACE MORNING!!!! it was SO COLD. I think it was record breaking temps in Orlando, or close to it. Of course, on the day of the race, OF COURSE!

Since I live in Mississippi, I don’t own a lot, well, any “cold weather running clothes” Luckily, Jen let me borrow a pair of pants to wear under my skirt and a long sleeved wicking shirt to wear as a layer. I also bought a nylon long sleeved shirt from the running skirts girls and then wore a plain black sweatshirt on top to toss in case I got hot. I also wore a hat, gloves, and hot hands!

we got ready, I had some juice with protien powder, and half a cliff bar and we headed to the monorail!
we got to the race, checked our bags, went potty for the first time, and then huddled with about 100 strangers to stay warm. As we were standing there, we realized it was sleeting!!! You have GOT to be kidding me!

We walked about a mile to the corrals in the sleet/freezing rain and visited porta potties for 2nd time and then said goodbye to Jen and her husband, as they are bestial and were in Coral A/B

here is me and Bobby FREEZING!!

we got into our corral which was the 2nd to last one, and waited…and waited…I felt like us slow runners were being punished for being slow b/c we didn’t cross the start till over 30 minutes after teh first runners did!

here is the stage that was at the front

we were off! in the freezing cold! About mile 2 or 3, it started freezing rain. IN case you have never run in freezing rain, it pelts you in the face and feels like hundreds of tiny needles stabbing you. Not the most plesant in the dark at 6 am.
we kept running, and about mile 5 I took a GU. we ran into the Magic Kingdom at this point and I was so excited. This was my absolute FAVORITE part. For a dsiney lover, being able to run down main street with people cheering for you as you head towards the castle was just awesome.

by this time, it started raining, a lot. we just kept on going. at about mine 9, Bobby’s knee started hurting him so we had to slow down some. we only stopped the whole time to get water, and once when Bobby had to use the restroom. I was SO shocked I was able to run the whole way! I believe my hip was so frozen solid I couldn’t feel any pain.

We stopped and got more GU at mile 9 ish, and this is about where we passed my mom and sister who started up about 5 minutes ahead of us.

We kept going, and Bobby kept having to walk and wanted me to go on without him but for our first 1/2 I really wanted to cross the finish with him, so I stopped and jogged slow with him. We kept encouraging each other to keep going, the last 2 miles were tough. It was getting colder, we were soaked, and I couldn’t feel my feet.

We made it into epcot, and only had 1/2 mile to go. Bobby almost couldn’t finish, but I kept encouragining him telling him 3 tenths, 2 tenths, etc. (garmin came in handy) and then we saw the mile 13 sign and the finish line!

I felt the tears well up and I fought back tears as we got to the finish line. we held hands the last stretch and crossed together, arms in the air in triumph. I was so happy, but also so glad it was over. It was so hard! we got our medals and then we were SO COLD becuase our bodies cooled down.
everyone else got food and pics taken adn we left! The mile walk to the monorail was the most miserable mile of my life. I was so cold, shivering uncontrolably. then we had to get OFF the monorail and walk back to the room. we showered and got in bed and slept!
We woke up so sore becuase we were too cold to stretch after the race. I am finally feeling better now!

my time was 2:44 according to garmin, 2:45 according to disney. pretty close I think. I was shooting for 2:30, and if it weren’t for the conditions and having to slow down for Bobby i think I could have done it! I will find out in February for the mardi gras rock n roll half!
here is our picture.

I truly loved this race even though it was so miserable. I HIGHLY reccommend this race, especially if you LOVE Disney like I do! I am toying around the idea of doing the full next year…thoughts?!?

Record setting lows…and sleet!

Oh. My. Gosh.
I ran my first half, the Disney half this morning. What an experience!! Because we are so lucky, we ran on a day of record breaking lows! We also ran in sleet and freezing rain pelting us in the race!!
I will do a full race recap when I get home, but I just wanted to say I did it! I was trying not to cry as I crossed the finish line. The weather made it miserable!!

We ended up running in 2 hours and 45 minutes. Goal was 2:30 but considering the conditions I am not upset.

More to come, but boy do I feel accomplished!!! I DID IT!!