Exercise While Traveling

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Gentry and my engineering job requires around 30% of air travel to different facilities of my company. I love this part of my job with being able to see different cities in the United States. However, when I am traveling for work or anywhere, it is really easy for me to just not exercise.


Traveling can be so exhausting and sleep sometimes sounds so much better than the gym. But if I want to run Disney half marathons, they do not get accomplished without training for them, so I am going to talk about some tips that I have picked up along the way throughout my work travels.

First, I always try to find a hotel that has a gym and make sure the hours of the gym are when I am going to exercise. Usually these are on the hotel’s website, but sometimes I call as well. Second, I try to always exercise in the mornings before I start the day. I exercise in the mornings when I am home and I find that if I can stick to as much of my daily routine as possible that it helps so much! I just find that even a little bit of a normal routine while away from home makes a big difference. Third, I try to walk or run around the city that I am at when I have some free time. It is a fun way to explore a new city! Fourth, I always try to get in some exercise at the airport while I am waiting for my flight. It is so easy to just sit down at the gate, but there are so many places to walk to at the airport. I try to just go walking around and look at the different shops or just listen to music on my iPhone while walking around. I find that I am getting in exercise and it makes my waiting time for my flight go by so much faster!

These are just a few tips that I have picked up while traveling, but I am still new to this whole travel for work thing. What about you all? Leave some of your favorite tips on exercising while traveling for work or for whatever reason; maybe you traveled for the holidays, just recently. I would love to read them!

QOTD: What are your best tips for traveling and exercising?

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  1. Hotel gyms like those at the Weston actually motivate me to want to exercise! I think a change of scenery is always nice encouragement, so sightseeing is a great way to burn calories in a new city too!

  2. ChristineB says:

    I travel a little bit with my job, and I always make sure to pack my running shoes & my favorite workout clothes. If I know those items are taking up valuable real estate in my bag it seems to inspire me to use them. As for the favorite/cute clothes – I look forward to wearing these, especially if it’s been cool while I’ve been running outside at home, it seems to help me get up in the morning if I know I get to wear my cute running skirt at the hotel gym. I also always, always figure out exactly where the gym is the night before I want to work out, and see if I’ll need to bring a water bottle, if the have sweat towels, etc, so I’m prepared the next morning.

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    Hi, my name is Elizabeth Gentry and my engineering job requires around 30% of air travel to different