Since I’ve been home from vacation, I’ve been in a funk. I am of course attributing some of that to the fact that I am still not completely over my food poisoning. (Still having some weakness and mild stomach cramping). Nevertheless, I just haven’t really felt like doing anything.


I only worked out twice on vacation, and it was the very beginning of vacation (we are talking May 5th and 6th) so it has been 11 days since I have done anything but walk. It’s hard for me to read about everyone else working out and getting stronger, faster, and better when I know every day I am loosing my strength, endurance, and speed. Not to mention with the heat I will be slowing down anyway which always frustrates me and makes me jealous of all the people who live up north and are still racing.


It’s not quite this hot yet, this photo is from last year, but it will be here very soon. Constantly in the upper 80’s as we speak

I have a lot going on in my life right now (I know, who doesn’t) but a couple of things I have yet to share with you all (sorry hopefully soon) that I know are making my funk worse.  I did a search on my blog for other times I have felt this way “(I love being able to have a record of my life in my blog for reasons like this) and I found a post that made me smile. It’s from a little over a year ago when we had just moved into our house. I especially like this paragraph:

“Bottom line: life can get so overwhelming when you think of all your problems, all the things you need to do or accomplish in a day, week, etc. Instead of looking at all of your tasks or problems as a whole, focus on one thing you can accomplish right now. One thing that is going good in your life right now. What blessings can you see? I see a healthy family, a home to live in, people that love me, and the best furry children ever, among many other things.”

This is true. I think I need to take my own advice. I also found this post on dealing with life when it goes unplanned. I gave some tips on how to get out of a funk, and I wanted to repost them here today more for myself than anything, but maybe they will help someone else as well:

1.) Talk it out. Keeping things bottled up inside is a surefire way to explode one day when you least expect it. Try to talk to someone outside the situation, who will listen attentively and be a shoulder to lean on. Make sure you tell them up front if you are looking for advice/feedback or just someone to listen.

2.) Think about the positive things in your life. I know it seems cheesy, but it really helps me. Instead of dwelling on the negative, think of the positive. I’m healthy, I have a loving family, and sweet puppies. We have food on the table every night, and a house to live in. When I start to shift my thinking, I realize how truly blessed I really am!

3.) Realize that YOU have control over your attitude. You have a choice in how you feel. I try to remind myself to not let me emotions get the best of me. When something does not go according to plan, I do NOT have to freak out. I can choose not to stress about things! Just make the choice (I know, easier said than done.)

4.) Realize that life is a journey. Barring getting hit by a bus tomorrow, life is going to have its valleys and mountains. It is highly unlikely that my current problems are going to last forever. Try and see the light at the end of the tunnel, and try not to look at your problem as a never ending cycle.

5.) Plan something fun. Even when my life is crazy and not going my way, if I have something to look forward to, a “bright spot,” then it helps me get through the problems I am facing. A weekend getaway or a girls night may be just what you need to snap you out of your funk.

6.) Don’t give up. If there is some goal you are trying to reach, like say a race PR, or to get out of debt, do not give up! Even if you face adversity, it can make you stronger if you have the right attitude. Will I run another half marathon? Of course. I will keep training and trying to reach my goal. Take THAT adversity!

Some things may not be going as planned, and I may not be able to control the situations, but I CAN control how I react to them!


Definitely need to count my blessings

I think the biggest one for me right now is number 4, having control over my own attitude. I think I will try to work on that one today, and maybe go for a walk, my first form of exercise in awhile. Better than nothing right?

QOTD: What is something that helps you when you get in a funk?


  1. I know we can all relate to this too.
    for me
    these days
    when Im in a funk I FORCE my child to snuggle with me.
    prechild I FOOOOORCED my 180 pound bullmastiff to hold me :-)
    for some reason they both work wonders.


  2. Girl so sorry your down. It can be so easy to keep spiraling down too if you’re not careful. I’m a firm believer in finding the positives no matter how small they may seem. I keep a daily to-enjoy list to remind me to enjoy something, anything at all. You’ll bounce back!

  3. SUCH a relevant post for me right now! Thanks, heather.

  4. This too shall pass. Hugs and positive energy being sent your way! xo

  5. So sorry you’re in a funk, girl! I just recently got out of mine, so I can relate! Chin up, power through it, rest your body, and you’ll be ready to go in no time!

  6. Good luck with getting out of your funk, but know that it happens to all of us, you’re not alone. That’s some great advice that you gave, too. Sometimes you have to stop thinking about all the hectic parts of life and workouts and just get back to basic- life’s about more than work, workouts, races, etc anyway *hugs*. You have your hubs and your furbabies and you are enough.

  7. :( I’m sure once you start eating normally again and working out (get on the treadmill this summer!), you’ll feel better. That being said, it does suck to not be able to run your hardest for whatever reason. Being sidelined is awful. Really hoping you bounce back son <3

  8. So sorry you’ve been feeling so awful! I know you’ll recover soon and get back out there! Keep your chin up! Things will work out! :0)

  9. it makes me feel ever so slightly better that I’m not the only one in a funk recently. ooof. So irritating, isnt it!

    I love your paragraph from your old post. It’s so true. You can stress yourself out so much more just worrying about what you have to do. Positivity is the best way out.

    Hope you get out of your funk soon!

  10. Oh boy…..perfect timing! I’m working on my funk post too. It’s been a LONG few months. I am pretty lost when it comes to working out (and have never been that way) and am plain exhausted. Our kitty broke his leg, had surgery, then cracked his leg after that, had two more surgeries so needless to say with him stuck in a crate for 8 weeks and now another 8 at least until x-ray we have experienced some pretty low times. Not to mention the $5,000+ we have spent on him lol

    You have some great advice there and I have been planning something fun. Since we are pretty much stuck at home for at least the next few months, we decided to power wash and stain our deck and will make a little oasis out there to relax. We so need that.

    Hope you’re feeling better! I’m going to push myself to get active again this coming week. This weekend I’ll be working my butt off on the deck in the heat but look forward to trying a yoga workout and doing some strength and spinning next week.

    WOW that was long….

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