Getting Back to It: Exercise After Baby

Hey guys! Please enjoy another guest post! I come home tomorrow, and have so much to share with you. I cannot wait, so stay tuned!

Well around here it is Back to School time. I have watched the kids all summer having fun sleeping in and enjoying the break.

As a mom with no school age kids living with me I have yet to experience how hard it is to get your kids back into school mode. I can relate in another way though.

I call it Body after Baby. I have had 2 babies. Now I am done and trying to get my body back in running form.

After suffering a miscarriage before each of my babies I have always tried to take it easy. I know that it is perfectly fine to run and exercise while pregnant but I wasn’t taking any chances.

Just before finding out I was pregnant with my daughter I was running 8 miles a day. When I was 6 weeks pregnant with her I walked/ran a half marathon. I could barely walk afterward. I decided after that to take it easy.
I walked every once in a while and gained 70 pounds with her. I was not happy about it but I was glad she came to this world safely. I started running again after about 4 months post partum. I just could not get into it. I hated the way I looked and could not get into the mood to change it. We knew that we would try for one more child before my daughter turned 2 so I wasn’t really trying.
I trained for the TinkerBell Half Marathon and ran it in January 2012. I had suffered a miscarriage the previous September but continued to train.
About 6 weeks later I found out I was expecting my son. I knew from exercising something was not right. I was out of breath and could not get through my workouts. Sure enough I was pregnant. That was March 2012 and I knew that I wanted to try and be healthier this pregnancy and be able to get back to running quicker so I walked. A Lot!

I gained about 50 pounds with my son. I just gain a lot during pregnancy I guess. I had him in November. I live in cold country so getting outside to walk or run was not possible with a newborn.

I do have a great support system from my husband but I wanted to find a way to exercise with my children.
I knew I had to get creative about working out or I would not get it done.


We walk a lot. I got a Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller, which I love. We walk about 5 miles a day when the weather allows.

When the weather is not so cooperative we have done some creative things

We have gone to the gym:



We do home videos like T25 and Insanity. I say WE because you can see it is a group effort.


We go to the park and use the equipment there. I sometimes just use the walking path while the littles play.

I love being active with my kids. It shows them I am being active and I spend quality time with them.

I have lost all my pregnancy weight. From the second one. I still have 20 pounds to go from my daughter.

I will do it. Even if I don’t I am setting an active lifestyle example for my children.

It has been hard to get back into exercise after a baby but they depend on me and I plan on being here for a long time.

I am getting back into racing slowly. I have signed up for a relay and a half marathon.

Come find out how I have do over at Running through MommyLand. We are full of adventures over there.


  1. Wow! I love your story. Your kids are so cute too. Anyway, it’s really hard to get back in shape after a weight gain during and after pregnancy. It just need a lot of motivation to be fit again. :-D

  2. Awesome! I love your story. I hope a lot of people find value from this. It is indeed hard to get back in shape after the baby but I will say it has a lot to do with your diet during pregnancy as well.

    Thanks for the great guest post!


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  1. Getting Back to It: Exercise After Baby

    Hey guys! Please enjoy another guest post! I come home tomorrow, and have so much to share with you.

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