Mental exhaustion

Wow, what a doozie of a day! The kids were at school a half day and we had end of the year parties which = madness. They left then I started working on cumulative files till 4:00! My brain hurts. Is that possible? I also didn’t sleep last night because I had so much running through my head. has that ever happened to you?
I go back tomorrow and work till lunch and they have a special luncheon for us, then we are done till August! I was surprised I knew how to get home this afternoon, that’s how tired I am. With that being said, I haven’t run since Sunday. So, I made a decision to run. I knew it would make me feel better about myself, but I also knew doing too much could kill me. literally. So I settled on an easy 2.1 miles in the blazing hot sun and called it a day.
I plan to dogsit and rest up this weekend before I get busy next weekend with my part time babysitting job and my DISNEY TRAVEL AGENT JOB! (Check out the tab at the top of the page.)
Hope everyone is having a good week. After this week I will have more time to blog and chat! It’s SUMMERTIME!

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  1. YAY no more school till August!!! Woohoo, congrats!!! Enjoy your summer

  2. SUMMERTIME! YAYYY!! Have a good run babe (:

  3. School’s out for summer, yay! Great job on the run even though you were tired!

  4. End of the year parties, field days and field trips are killing my running days!

  5. Hey Heather!

    I just started reading your blog and wanted to comment and say “Hi!”. Where are you teaching (I assume somewhere in the area)? I know you’re excited for summer and I’m glad you and Bobby seem to be doing so well.