Today I decided to do 3 miles of speedwork. I am bored with the same area I run in and so i thought that by doing some speedwork, it would make the run go by faster. Well, it was more interesting, but the sun was so brutal. I kept trying to tell myself it will make me stronger, but it was so hard!
Now, if you know me, you know I love to sprint. Absolutely love it. I may be a slow distance runner, but I can fly for a short period of time! I alternated between sprints and walking, and on my sprints I stayed in the 6:00 minute per mile pace range. I feel good now, but right after I thought I was going to pass out.
I really need to sit down and learn how to program the workouts on my garmin, I know it would be a lot easier that way than just sprint for awhile, walk for a while, with no real program to keep me on track.

In other news, I have converted another runner! My friend Lindy has always been athletic and I convinced her to train for a half marathon to run with me in October. Yay! I love sharing my knowledge with other new runners!

In even more news, it is officially time to retire the vomeros. I really am starting to feel like they are not supporting my ankles when I run, and I don’t want to hurt myself. I thin I will start with my new kicks next week! (Next run is long run and don’t want to start with that!)

Did you watch Caitlin on the Today show? She did GREAT! You can check out her segment below in case you missed it: Caitlin: Operation Beautiful

QOTD: How do you handle speedwork?


  1. I love speed work… its the long runs on a treadmill that bore me to pieces. I end up stopping just for something different to do. It’s just so blazin’ hot here right now, that I don’t get outside and run. I should make myself get up in the am, but I just don’t. :(

  2. You, Speedster, you! :) It’s so hard to pace yourself on the speedwork!:) At least, for me it is. I do my speedwork in a running group; that way it’s easier to pace yourself, and I can hold on to pace longer.

    And you should really retire the Vomeros! When they don’t feel supportive anymore, the risk of injuries is just higher!

  3. Dump the shoes! LOL I thought you switched to the new ones as soon as the arrived? I’m one to talk, though. I’ve been running in my old nimbus and they really should only be worn for leisure activities now.

    Speedwork, I just throw in some fartleks now and then in a short run. I run so infrequently, though, so I don’t do as much speedwork as I should. I’ve been doing hills lately instead.

  4. I am a slow runner but L-O-V-E sprints. My buddy is way faster than me overall, but knows I kick his butt after our run in sprints!

  5. I hate sprinting. i would rather run all day long then sprint. But I sprint at the end of my runs to get better.

  6. I am so not a fan of speedwork but know it is a necessary evil :) Some weeks are definitely better than others though.

  7. I need to learn how to program workouts on my gramin as well! But I am too lazy!!

  8. What exactly do you recommend to do to work on speed? Sprint a while then walk for a while or sprint a while then do a slow jog for a while? What is considered “a while”? 1 min walk 30 sec sprint? I’m clueless…. HELPPPPPP!!

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