Zero Days!


Good morning!!! Why am I so chipper today? because I go on VACATION tomorrow!


The house sitters are lined up, security guards are informed (yes we have security guards that drive around in a car at night, ha!) and the bags are packed….oh, wait….no they aren’t….

well, MY bag is, almost ready


Bobby’s bag, well….I think it speaks for itself!


getting slightly overwhelmed, I needed to clear my head, so I went for a three mile run. Boy is it humid!


I have to do a bunch of laundry, check off some things off my packing list, do some dishes, and a few other odds and ends. I am getting so excited!!!

Ok, so a couple of things….

I will post again in the morning, and I have a bunch of great guest posts lined up for while I am gone, so don’t forget to stop by RWS everyday while I am gone!

If anyone has anything in WDW or on the Disney Dream they would like me to take pictures of, let me know and I would be happy to do so and then post when I get back!

When I get back I will be booking Marathon weekend 2012 packages!! So, if you are running in January, be thinking of the days you want to stay, hotel, etc and shoot me an e mail at and I will get you a free quote when I get back. Remember, it is FREE for you to use a travel agent. Let me do all the leg work for you!

Remember I can book ANY kind of land or sea vacation, not just Disney, so let me know if you are planning a vacation!!!

I have some exciting news to share with you when I get back, you won’t want to miss this!!!

QOTD: Do you pack last minute, or way in advance?


  1. Have a BLAST :) my goal is to take the kids on the Disney cruise for their first BIG family vacation :) Let me know how it is!!!

  2. So jealous! I can’t wait to hear all about it when you return!

    And B Lee always waits until the last minute to pack his bags too. It amazes me how fast he can throw it together (and I’m the one packing a week in advance with a list!)

  3. Yay! Can’t believe it’s here. You’ll have a wonderful time :)

  4. Wow.. I drop by to ready our blog and your going on a cruise!!!!! Wow.. have fun!!! :)

  5. Love, love, love the ‘travel with the magic’!!

  6. Have a great trip!!! :)

  7. Have a great time on the cruise!!

  8. Ahhh!! YAY!! Have so much fun, girl!! :)

  9. Have an awesome vacation!

  10. Yay… have a wonderful time!!

  11. Sailing Disney Dream June 7th and so cannot wait… so super excited to see all your pics & hear about it right before we go! Have fun! Totally OCD about packing… going to start packing this weekend in fact :)

  12. I’m horribly jealous. Have fun!

  13. Last minute! Although I think I’m going to have to start packing for the cruise now, so I have time to get stuff I don’t have.

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